Hope Haven

In 2017 Hope Haven will launch Bridged To Home – providing emergency/temporary housing for individuals and families with school-age children and/or who are in need of job training. SEVENTY-EIGHT volunteers painted seven 2BR and four 1BR “mini” apartments. HOWEVER, our volunteers decided to end 2016 in GRAND FASHION!

As a Christmas Gift to future children, we allocated nearly $2K of our meager budget on the Kid’s Playroom. The playroom is small, so we decided to utilize the vertical space. We think it was worth it; what do YOU think?

Also, our Airmen received the NEW Dyess We Care shirts! HUGE thanks to our wonderful sponsors, like Tom and Angie Ceniglis! See ALL our great sponsors on our FIRST “Best Back” Champion! Who is it? Oh… this will blow you away! ;o)

The Team Leader for this project was A1C Reese Winters, his assistant Team Leader was A1C Joseph Burke, and their lead carpenter was TSgt Bryan Carrillo.