WCT Completes Oxford Street House Painting Project

Mrs. Turner lost her husband in 2013. She and her daughter are disabled and living on fixed incomes. Her daughter is doing all she can to fix up the inside of the home, but she is physically and financially unable to paint the exterior. Withough the home repairs, they may lose their insurance, and they won’t be able to adopt their grandson/nephew who needs a loving home.

Sixty volunteers assembled to replace rotted boards, paint the house, fix Granny’s glider-swing, and… for a surprise, they even built “Jr.” a playground! The Team Leaders for this project were Amn Rollin Fitton and Amn Tyler Pope. The Lead Carpenter was TSgt Bryan Carillo.

This project made possible through the generosity of ASCO Rentals, Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Hyundai, and The Home Depot.

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