First Car Wash Of The Year

The rain finally held off for a weekend just in time for the Dyess We Care Team’s first car wash of the year.  The car wash was held at Red Robin.  All of the proceeds raised from the car wash was donated to Project Graduation.  This year’s car wash raised over $1000.

Project Graduation was established in 1985 by concerned parents to provide high school graduates a safe and secure location to celebrate their graduation night without the pressure of drugs and alcohol. Graduation night should be fun – not fatal.

The event is sponsored by Parents Who Care –a non-profit organization consisting of parents and members of the community.  This event cannot happen without volunteers. We usually need 150 volunteers to work the night of the event. We have great community groups and the Dyess We Care Team that volunteer every year, but we still need parents to help out with the night.  The 2016 Project Graduation is scheduled for May 28.
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