First House Painting Project Of The Year

Spring is here and that means it’s time to paint!  This was the Dyess We Care Team’s  first house of the year! During April 2016, eighty-eight Dyess We Care Team volunteers dedicated two Saturdays assisting an elderly, disabled woman on a fixed income. The Airmen installed new sensor lights (AKA – “security” lighting, courtesy of an ACU student!), replaced dry-rotted boards, installed a front entrance way pergola and built a gate providing access from the front to the backyard without going through Mrs. Strother’s home. In addition, they power washed, scrapped and painting the home and even mowed the yard. “This is such a miracle! They’re more than Airmen; they’re angels!” said “Granny” upon the reveal. Local contractor, Michael Malm, estimated the make-over value at $7,000.

The Team Leader for this project was Amn Rollin Fitton.

Provided assistance such as this to those in need would not be possible without the support of awesome sponsors.  This project was made possible through the generosity of Mr. Mike Dunnahoo’s Star Dealership, ASCO Equipment Rentals and The Home Depot.

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